Studio SHOH Entertainment (SSE), a creative goal-driven animation studio, supported by top-tier talent and cutting-edge technology. The studio is part of Singapore based SHOH Enterprise’s multi-faceted expansion plan that commenced in 2018.
Studio SHOH provides services from concept to completion; ranging from 2D / 3D animation, character development, visual effects, production, direction, up to post-production, and even Live action film for New Media Distribution. SSE intends to deliver high-quality projects across multiple media channels worldwide.

Vision & Values

The studio aims to be an animation powerhouse that will aggressively shape the global animation industry, not only that but SSE also wants to be a big part of proper education to younger generation in Indonesia, who is currently the biggest populated group in this country that has more than 100 million people in the category. With that, SSE is also contributing to providing high quality contents from the basics, by the opening of an animation institute that is supported by Lenovo.

“We hope that we could give back to the society by providing accessibility for young talents on knowledge and experience on the business, with the Animation Institute supported by Lenovo, we believe that the future growth of the business will be significant. In this academy we will develop their skills and imagination, trusting them to be ready to compete with the rest of the global animation talents.” said CEO, Shoh.