2D Animation, 3D Animation, Content Distribution,
Licensing and Merchandising, Toys Development & Retail Development,
Platform Service (Webtoon Distribution & Secure own IP's).

2D Animation

Our production of 2D Animation provide high-quality design services that
meet global guidelines. We are helping you with the solutions to your
production needs. Our animation team works with the latest graphic tools
and cutting-edge technologies to deliver astounding visual worlds

3D Animation

Our team take care of your entire animation process, ranging from concept
designing, storyboarding, modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting and final
compositing. From short product 3D videos to long 3D animation
productions our team will produce and deliver a wide range of 3D
productions that will exceed your expectations.

Content Distribution

Bring in content from Korea and localized it, analyze market size and
taste (especially mass market), make a solid awareness and consistency

Licensing and Merchandising

Be a master licensing and branding with, branding our own IP working
with local company in related category develop product and merchandise
for middle up and mass market, distribute to our media platform

Toy Development and
Retail Distribution

Develop toys partnered with local and strong players, work closely with
retailers and distributors, develop educational toys and apps working
with related government

Platform Service

Work together with platform companies to create kids/entertainment
platform, provide quality content of animation (short clip, webtoons, ETC),
maintain the service and branding the value of the platform,
provide solution for government project, in house webtoons producing